Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Capes Trophy - Sep 24 2007

Capes Trophy report by T.C.Gavriel

The first fun event of the season for the North Circular chess league was last night - the 5 minute chess Capes Trophy.

Capes Trophy Tournament Information

Playing for Barnet were:

1. Paul Georghiou
2. Myself
3. Peter Zajicek
4. Alex Ethelontis
(Reserve who played 1st 3 games) : Mike Jones

Mike Jones was also our Captain

It was a 13 round team event. I managed to somehow get the board prize for board 2, the same as last year with 12.5 out 13, including wins over:

Adelaja 197 (Hackney 1)
J.Goldberg 178 (Barking 1)
Hasman 176 (Wood Green 1)
and 9 others.

Paul Georghiou shared the Board 1 board prize by scoring 10/13. He shared it with Bob Eames.

Barnet and Elizabethans only lost one match to Wood Green - 2.5-1.5. We came back strongly in the last two rounds, beating Hackney 1 3.5-0.5 and the final round 4.0 to finish a single half-point ahead of Wood Green thus taking the Capes Trophy this year. We won this tournament back in 1999 and it has been a long time to win it again!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Blog integration and website repairs

Hi all

The main Barnet chess club site at now has a prominent link to this blog. I have managed to get some more space now for the Barnet site, and able to put all the content on one server. Some links are currently broken and need to be restored though include:

1) The Archived Whats new page
2) The Columnists section
3) Images in the computer section