Sunday, 5 April 2009

Chess Publisher

Browsing other chess blogs today, I noticed that those who have published games using currently have "This Account Has Been Suspended" in big letters across their blog, rather than the game that they'd expected to see. It looks as though it has been that way for a few days.

When something similar happened last year I knocked up an equivalent service using Google's servers - and I've been using it on this blog ever since. Since googlepages is free, this has the great advantage that it doesn't rely on anyone remembering to pay their bills...

So: a public service announcement. You all are more than welcome to make use of our version of the game viewer. There's a link in the top left of this page.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

A pretty win

A pleasing game, this one, for a couple of reasons. First, the game itself was good - it's always nice to win quickly, and the key moment is attractive:

Opponent has just played 14. ... Bf8-d6?. We continued with 15. Qb3 Bc8, after which 16. e5! isn't perhaps very difficult (actually I think it fairly begs to be played), but it is both pretty and strong. I don't ask more of my moves than that! Although he made another dozen moves, Opponent might reasonably have resigned a fair bit sooner.

Last time I played this Opponent, he crushed me rather convincingly. 'Revenge' seems like a strong word - it's not as though I've been nursing a grudge for the last year, desperate for an opportunity to avenge myself - but it was good to even things up, and that's the other thing that I liked about this game.